Real music for real kids!


Chuck Cheesman makes music for children and with children, and he thinks it is probably the best job on the planet! Sometimes parents come to him and say, "Mr. Chuck, I can't sing." His reply? "Cookie Monster and Bob Dylan have had hit records. You can sing. Everybody can sing!" And that is the message Chuck Cheesman is pouring into this world. We can all make music together, and we (the boring old grown-ups!) owe it to our children to share with them a love for the arts, music, and dancing.


Dancing With No Shoes On is Chuck's first full length recording for children that features primarily original songs. It is a collection of music that will please people of all ages ~ real music for real kids Nine new tracks - along with four remastered songs from A Family Songbook - showcase Chuck's smart, kid-friendly songwriting and an all-star cast of guest musicians.


 Sing Along at Multnomah Arts Center with Chuck Cheesman






Regular Gigs & Classes

Cafe au Play 

Join Chuck Cheesman for music & movement every Tuesday morning at 10:30am in SE Portland!

Multnomah Arts Center

Chuck will be leading children's music & movement classes for ages 2-4 beginning Wednesdays this fall.

Lake Oswego Guitar Teacher

Chuck is currently accepting a limited number of guitar/ukulele students in SW Portland & Lake Oswego.

Pandora Radio

Listen to Dancing With No Shoes On on Chuck Cheesman's very own children's music station at...

Pandora Online Radio!

Stay in Touch!

Portland Acoustic Music

Chuck documents some of his journey through the Portland, Oregon acoustic music scene at PDX Acoustic.